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10 dicembre 2018   
di Lavinia Turco

Walter Elias Disney was an animator, he and his brother, Roy Disney, founded Walt Disney productions, which became one of the most best known motion picture production companies in the world.
Disney attended McKinley High School in Chicago where he began drawing and painting and was a cartoonist for the school paper. After he got a job at the Pesmen Rubin Art Studio he worked at the Kansas City Film and Company. When he began doing hand drawn animation he understood he was ready to open his own animation business. His cartoons were hugely popular and “Alice in cartoonland” together with “Lucky Rabbit” made a lot of success but no one as Mickey Mouse did and still does. The first shorts feauturing Mickey were “Plain Crazy” and “Gallowin’ Gaucho”.
After many other successes ,in 1966 , Disney was diagnosed with a lung cancer and died in the same year. Roy Disney opened for him a theme park under the name “Walt Disney World”.

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