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21 aprile 2017   
di Siria Ambra Tirico

Even the desert is threatened by pollution: a big damage in today’s society. Today many camels are dying for the actions of irresponsible tourists.
Abu Dhabi is a cosmopolitan city in the United Arab Emirates, but more than half the country is desert. Camels are very important ,but they eat everything they see, so they are dying for the litter that tourists leave in the desert.
If we litter with plastic in the desert ,all the camels will die!
We have to do something to stop this terrible destiny .
Men have polluted the world for many years, only for their comfort. But today, we are noticing consequences.
We have to start campaigns and talks to save the camels .

We must be more responsible!
Camels must be still the animals of the desrt and not a picture on books.

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