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28 settembre 2017   
di 3d team

For my holiday I went to the seaside with my family. I swam in the sea and in the pool and I played beach volley. (Giorgio,13)

I went to a fantastic shop in Caorle and I bought a T-shirt, not a common T-shirt but a famous designer T-shirt:it’s black and grey. I love it. (Giovanni, 13)

During the holiday I went to visit a natural park. A part of the visit was done by car and the rest on foot. There were a lot of different types of animals. (anonymous)

For this summer vacation I went to Croatia. I went with my family and we visited this country. We stayed for one week and it was great. (Liliana, 12)

For this summer holiday I went to a summer camp with my friends. There we played many sports but my favourite activities were doing archery and swimming in the pool. That was amazing. In fact, I would like to come back next year. (Beatrice, 13)

This summer I went to Vienna, Austria, with my family. We visited the Prater, an amusement park in the centre of Vienna, and then we dined in a restaurant: the food was served on the table through a spectacular rollercoaster! (Melissa, 13)

I had a wonderful summer! I also bought a new pair of shorts; they are blue and white and they are very elegant and cool. I bought them in a popular shop after trying them on in the changing room. (Noemi, 12)

In my holiday I played volleyball and football and I went fishing on a boat. I also cooked: spaghetti “all’amatriciana” and rabbit meat. (Leone,13)

This summer was great: I went to Maiorca, in Spain. I went with my family by plane and we stayed there for three weeks. (Ramazan, 12)

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