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28 settembre 2017   
di 3e team

What was your summer like? Read on and you will see how your fellow students spent their summertime…in short.

In this summer vacation I went to the seaside with my family, my cousin and my aunt. My brother and I played volleyball in the water and after lunch we took a pedalo and we went afar. With my cousin I swam in the sea. There were jellyfish, too! (anonymous)
Last summer was amazing. One day I went to the “Cappeller” Park with Mum and Dad. It is a zoo park. It was so big, there were a lot animals and a museum too. After the visit we ate a pizza and we returned home.(Margot, 12)
For last summer vacation I went to a camping in Jesolo: there was a swimming pool, a supermarket and, of course, the sea. We swam in the swimming pool and my brother and I played together all the time. (anonymous)
For this summer vacation I went to the seaside with my family: there was Mum, Dad, my two sisters and my dog. We played ball all day long! (Federica, 13)
Last summer I went to Barcellona with my family: we visited a lot of places, I made new friends and finally…we tasted new food! (Imane, 12)
Last summer was beautiful. One day I went to the local swimming pool with my mum and my sister. We swam a lot and we ate sandwiches, ice cream and chips. At the end of the day I was tired but very happy.(Sabrina, 12)
This summer I went to Lake Garda and I visited a lot of cities: Malcesine, Limone, Desenzano, Sirmione and Riva del Garda. We stayed in an apartment with a wonderful view. The lake was fantastic but my favourite city was Limone. I didn’t want to go home anymore. (Ambra, 13)
This was an amazing summer. I and my family went to Campania where we visited a lot of cities. We swam a lot, in the swimming pool and in the sea. At the end of the trip we tried the famous pizza “napoletana”. (Anna, 13)
This summer was beautiful: I bought a new motorbike! It’s my favourite model and it is very very fast. I rode it during the summer. (Francesco, 13)
For my vacation I went to the seaside with my family for a week. It was amazing! (Alessio, 13)

What about YOUR summer? Tell us about it and send your contribution for publication on this site!

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